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Balakrishna's Daughter in love with Mohan babu's son

Nandamuri Balakrish na who stopped speaking and started roaring these days is in the news. It is gossiped that his younger daughter Tejaswini aka Teju is in love with Dr. Mohan Babu’s second son Manchu Manoj.

Tejaswini is the second daughter of actor Balakrish na, born on July 2th, 1989. The young girl is busy pursuing her studies and is in love with Manchu Manoj these days. It is a fact that, the two met at a formal function last year and Manchu Manoj was impressed by Tejaswini and started to follow her. He somehow found her mobile number and mail id and was constantl y in touch with her through his special tricks.

But media reports suggested that Teju is a sincere girl and is focused on her studies. She asked Manchu Manoj to speak to the elders, at first and then carry on with his tricks. But the ‘Bindaas’ boy somehow lured teju into his love and the girl is seen reciproca ting his love these days. According to her very close friends, she is in stage one of love and is seen sending him some personnel and sleazy messages passed on by her friends. There is news that the two chat daily on phone and reciproca te their day to day experienc es.

However, Teju’s friends say that she is in a dilemma, whether to proceed or not and so has not proposed or crossed limits with Manchu manoj. But Manchu Manoj is said to be serious and has hinted about his love story to his mother Vidya.

Balayya’s wife Vasundara came to know about her younger daughter Teju’s new found love and has asked her to stay out of this bonding and instead focus on her studies.

Frankly speaking, Teju is beautiful and deserves a good match as she is has crossed her 20 years of age recently. But Manchu Manoj is also a well settled person as he looks after his father’s real estate business and school and has tried a bit as a hero in Tollywood as well.


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